Tuesday, July 22, 2008

opps, I missed a week!

My dear friends,

I confess, I completely forgot about the news letter last week! As such, there is much to tell so I will try to be brief with the stories in order that they all fit.

First of all, I’ve been making some improvements to the apartment in the last few days. I have been putting to use the skills I learned for my first degree (in tool and die manufacturing) and what my Dad taught me with wood working by building some shelves for the kitchen. I have assembled one shelf so far and have wood for one more. Nicolle is really happy about it because up until this point half of our food storage was a suit case! Also note worthy of calibration, we have internet in our apartment now!!!!!!!!! This will make my school work much easier as I will not have to leave the house and go to the church to use the internet after hours. Yeah!!!!!

In other news, he Wednesday night at the movies saw significant growth last Wednesday, we started out with about 17 or 18 kids. Some had to leave early because they lived far away, others left early because of technical difficulties with the movie, but all in all, it was another fun night. I was most excited to see repeat visitors, and new kids that I did not invite; their friends brought them! Gloria a Dios!

The last big topic I will mention is V.B.S. This is our final week for preparing for Vacation Bible School and we have so much to do! We are planning for both the little kids in the morning, and then in the afternoon, Huberto and I have been putting together a soccer tournament for the kids 11-20ish years old in the neighborhood; the idea being to build relationships with the teens so that we can minister to them in the future. Next Saturday there is a group of teens and adults from Apex Church from Raleigh North Carolina to help us with V.B.S. and the afternoon games. The will be here for the entire week of V.B.S. helping us with the preparations, with the games, and everything else. I am glad that they are coming because there is so much to do, so much. It is going to be a very busy week with long hours for all of us. Please pray for endurance and strength.

Please pray for: Help to get all of the supplies and paper work gathered and finished. Strengthening our relationships with the kids on our block; that they would all come to the soccer tournament during V.B.S., hear the word of God, and be transformed by God’s love and truth; continuing Spanish improvement, and that all of the details for Nicolle’s semester at Iberoamericana would get worked out (don’t ask, it is a long and depressing story; but we need help).


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